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What’s in a Name?


As shown in the beatitudes recorded in Matthew 5:3-10, peace can come from being rooted both in the life of God and in the physical world. 


The word Makarios is translated from the Greek as “blessed” or “better”. 

The word Rez is short for residence.


Makarios Rez - “A Better Way To Live”

Clean Neighborhood

Our Mission

While many children experience a lifetime of loving support from an available and caring parent, family and others in their lives and will continue in adulthood to experience that gift, many do not.  


At Makarios Rez, rezidents find a place where they can encounter the gift of loving support in their lives, as well. They live with others on the same path and trajectory.  Residential mentors live in the home alongside rezidents to provide daily investment and modeling of how to create a supportive and community-driven environment.


Makarios Rez provides a transitional, secure and affordable housing option for a marginalized group, specifically individuals who have experienced foster care, have aged out of foster care, or have experienced homelessness. With the support of the Makarios Rez community, our rezidents experience safety and security while considering a transformed life.


As a Christ-centered home, Makarios Rez invests in those who voluntarily agree to a mentoring program that may last for two or more years.  Makarios Rez provides intentional mentoring in many areas including:


  • Life Skills

  • Financial Control

  • Workforce Viability

  • Relational Skills

  • Community Benefit

  • Spiritual Awareness


With a diversity of multiple training opportunities, residents can determine their own sustainable, stable future. Through mentoring, rezidents are supported in achieving the skills necessary to thrive in their lives and to properly address all of life’s challenges.  Rezidents are afforded opportunities to choose transformation of their past or present circumstances to achieve a well-balanced outlook for their future. 

About Founders



Jamie and Steve Wygant

The founders of Makarios Rez, Jamie Wygant and Steve Wygant, have decades of deep experience addressing life’s challenges and are intent on sharing that experience through their leadership of Makarios Rez.  


For 28 years, Jamie and Steve have opened their home and their lives to others while continuing in their respective occupations.


In fact, over 100 people - mostly young adults between 18-30 years old, from varied backgrounds - have lived with them. And while hosts at the American Christian Trust in Washington, D.C., Jamie and Steve hosted and served over 300 guests during a period of one year. 

Over the years, Jamie and Steve Wygant have created a safe environment for young adults to grow and prosper.  Today, these once carefree and single young adults are now men and women who are living independent and fulfilling lives.


Throughout all of this experience, the concept of Makarios Rez was growing for Jamie and Steve from the realization that, while growing into adulthood is complicated and difficult enough, endeavoring on one’s own without a solid support system can be catastrophic.


Jamie and Steve founded Makarios Rez to build that bridge for those transitioning from the foster care system or from homelessness into independent living, and to provide a place where mentees aren’t alone in their endeavor to pursue their hopes and dreams.

“We will model the hope and strength we have found in our faith and throughout our journey

of life, to all those who come into this home.”

~Jamie and Steve Wygant


Board of Directors
jamie headshot.jpg

Jamie Wygant

Founder & Resident Mentor

Cheryl Morrison.jpg

Cheryl Morrison

Truth & Life Ministry

steve crop.jpg

Steve Wygant

Commander, Jefferson County Sheriffs

John Malito.jpg

John Malito

Board Member

Mike Bahorich.jpeg

Michael Bahorich

Board Member Star of Hope Texas

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